Synthetic Turf fields are not maintenance free. We offer Grooming, Full Depth Rejuvenation, and Seam, Line & Base Repair services.



Turf fibers should be returned to an upright position on a scheduled basis. Unwanted materials should be removed from the playing surface. To avoid a highly compacted field with an unacceptable GMax score, the field should be serviced utilizing the SMG Sport Champ. It is recommended that this process be implemented twice annually (Early Spring & Fall).


Full Depth Rejuvenation

As synthetic fields reach mid-life status, they often experience GMax scores that are higher than recommended by the Synthetic Turf Council and ASTM. Fields that exceed 160 GMax scores do not meet industry standards. Fields that exceed GMax scores of 200 are considered unsafe for play. Assuming that the synthetic fibers of the field are in good condition, the rejuvenation process can return the facility to its original condition and provide many seasons of safe and continuous use. Over a 3-4 day time span, the infill material is completely removed from the playing surface with the use of an oscillating air stream. Turf fibers are raised to an upright position. Infill is then re-installed to the field resulting in a reduction of 35-40% in GMax score. This service has absolutely no adverse effect on the existing playing surface.


Seam, Line & Base Repair

At some point in the life of a synthetic turf field, it will become necessary to address repairs to seams, lines, logos and base failures. A no obligation quote can be provided for the remediation of problem areas.